Not your momma's Belgian waffle. Pearl sugar changes the game with this caramelized crunch and sweet, buttery inside.


Take me as I am

Waffle with powdered sugar

dream catcher

Cinnamon, sugar

The traveler

Nutella, nuts, whipped cream

Sweet heart of mine

Strawberries, whipped cream

The dutch

Speculoos spread, cinnamon roasted walnuts, caramel, whipped cream

you me and the sea

Salted caramel, Butchers salt, whipped cream

Purple Reign

Blueberry compote, fresh basil, whipped cream

Sun rays all day

Coconut-based lemon curd, blueberries, whipped cream

freedom rider

Homemade apple pie filling, caramel sauce, whipped cream



Shrooms day waffle

Sun-dried tomato and mushroom sauce, arugula

Caravan to cali

Avocado, tomato, sea salt and red pepper flakes


Wild gypsy

Build your own
Ingredients: speculoos, cinnamon sugar, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, strawberries, banana, seasonal berries, coconut based lemon curd, Nutella, powdered sugar, whipped cream

Gypsy pack (take home waffles)

Maple glaze
Chocolate glaze